If there was ever a list of the top 5 must clean places in the world, our guess is restaurants would most definitely top that list. The reason is hardly far-fetched as restaurants are the home of edibles and it would be simply offensive for a restaurant to cook and serve in dirty germ infested environments.

Fact remains that, restaurants do not only have to be cleaned to avoid germs; they also have to be kept clean so customers have an extra reason to come back. People would rather not patronize a dirty restaurant, regardless of how cheap the meals are.

Chances are that from time to time, the local health agencies subject the restaurants to inspections and their tests must be passed. Not to mention the tabloid and their ratings; none of these would be achieved if the restaurant is left unkempt.

Having established the fact that cleaning a restaurant is important, we also have to highlight the right way to clean the right places and the right utensils.

First, we will start with a list of kitchen items that should be cleaned after every shift or daily

  • The fryers should be cleaned as often as possible in a day, also pay attention to behind and underneath it.
  • The grill should be wiped and cleaned as well as behind and underneath it.
  • The sanitizing buckets should be emptied often
  • The steam table should be emptied and wiped clean
  • The walk-in cooler should be swept
  • The meat and cheese slicer should be cleaned
  • Cleaning rags should be washed as well as other linens
  • All surfaces should be washed and sanitized
  • The linens should be washed
  • The cutting boards should be cleaned and sanitized
  • The kitchen floor should be swept and mopped
  • Aprons should also be changed and washed.
  • Prep surfaces should be sanitized
  • The can opener should be washed
  • The beverage dispenser should be cleaned too
  • The popcorn machine should also be cleaned
  • Splashes on the walls should be wiped off
  • The dishwasher should also be cleaned
  • Waste disposal area should be disinfected to prevent an accumulation of germs.

Next is a list of the items that should be cleaned weekly

  • The sinks and faucets should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • The reach-in refrigerators should be emptied, washed and sanitized
  • The oven should also be cleaned.
  • The coffee machine should be cleaned too
  • Clean table and chair legs
  • Exterior surfaces of all sinks, microwaves, coolers, ice machines, ice dispensers, and tables should also be cleaned.
  • Clean all gas pipes and water hoses for stains and then wipe dry
  • Remove and clean exhaust hoods filters.
  • Wash all wall tiles with a mild degreaser and wipe dry.
  • Clean and disinfect all floor drains

The ones that should be cleaned at least once every month

  • The ice machine should be emptied and sanitized at least once a week.
  • Storage areas should be swept and mopped and particular attention should be paid to the hidden corners.
  • Walls and ceilings should be checked and washed for grease and food stains
  • Pest traps should be checked and changed; they are not there as furniture after all
  • Hidden places like behind and under ovens, stoves, and fryers should be checked and cleaned to remove grease build up.
  • Grease traps should be emptied
  • Vent hood should be washed too.
  • Check the ceilings for cobwebs.
  • Empty the ice bin, clean and sanitize
  • Check for pest/rodent droppings and be sure to call pest control when you see any
  • Sharpen the meat and cheese slicer
  • Check fire suppression system
  • You should also check the fire extinguishers at least once a year.

Now let’s make a list of the places in the restaurant that should be paid particular attention to;

Front of the House

Post3 pic1.jpg

The entrance doors, frames, handles, ashtrays and mirrors should all be cleaned before opening time and probably after closing time. Clean ash urns and imprint writings on the entrance doors. Places that easily accumulate dust like window blinds, window sills and shutters should be dusted every day too; dust isn’t exactly a sight that inspires hunger.

The artworks, picture frames, decorative wall hangings, light fixtures, baseboards and wall decorative ledges should also be cleaned daily. Because there are decorative people are bound to stare at them often and it won’t speak well of your restaurant if filth was the first thing customers see when their eyes wander there.

Sweep and mop exposed floors and also pay attention to the hidden spots like along the edges and underneath tables and chairs; also remove sticky items like gum. The carpets, floor rugs, and walk-off mats should also be vacuumed and attention should be paid to the not so visible parts too. Do not also forget the shelves, air vents, and ceiling tiles.


Post3 Pic2.jpg

Scrub and de-grease the bar mats (this is especially important for passing your health inspection) and empty the trash cans every day.

The floor drains should be cleaned and sanitized to remove any odors; customers will definitely not be comfortable in smelly bars. Sweep and mop the floors. The counters, shelves, and surfaces should also be cleaned.


Post3 Pic4.jpg

The floors should be swept and washed daily to remove spots that customers may have left. The tables, chairs, and fireplaces should also be cleaned.

Place all tables, chairs, and cushions per provided floor plans/photos; remove chairs and cushions for spotting as needed. Clean side stations including counters, surfaces, and floors.


Post3 Pic4.png

Bathrooms too should be thoroughly cleaned every day with disinfectants. The floors should be scrubbed and sanitized. The toilet seats should be scrubbed and sanitized. And tissue paper should always be made available. You cannot risk your restaurants being tagged as the place with a messy bathroom. 

Keep in mind that a neat restaurant is a safe restaurant and people will always come back to a place they felt served them good food cooked under the most hygienic conditions. Do well to keep your restaurant clean at all times. You can also contract the services of commercial professional cleaners; they’d do a better job seeing as it is their field.


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