Dos and Don’ts when Inspector is doing his job

– Don’t offer inspector food or drinks. It’s nice to offer but Don’t! It’s not the time to show your hospitality. Your hospitable nature may be misconstrued as bribery.

– Don’t try to befriend inspector or joke or make light of situations he or she pointed out . Act professional,and be polite. During the inspection process, you may find that you disagree with some of the inspector’s conclusions. Angrily confronting them and questioning how well they are performing their job is not the way to handle these situations. Remain calm and collected. Remember that they are trying to do their job and that inspections can be somewhat subjective.

– Don’t mention any other restaurants in terms of recent inspections. Restaurants are different with different situations and scenarios. Inspectors sometimes overlook some issues that are very minor if their schedule is busy.

– Do take notes and if something can be corrected or rectified immediately, do it. Demonstrate a willingness to immediately fix any problems. Repeated violations could be a sign that your employees aren’t following the standards that you set forward and it is time to tighten food safety practices. You can help your case by showing the inspector your plan for improvement and letting them know that you acknowledge the problem and are already on the road to making necessary corrections.

– Do shadow the inspector but Don’t invade his personal space, but do tag along and ask for an explanation of any violations he finds. Depending on the nature of the violation, you can fix on the spot or ask for clarification so you know what needs to be done going forward.

– Don’t or Never refuse an inspection or ask to come back at another time. This will not only aggravate the inspector, but they will most likely obtain a warrant to your restaurant of which they can enter without your consent or presence.

– Do ask for inspector credentials if inspector is not wearing or show you a badge. Always ask for a health inspector’s credentials before you allow someone to see your back operations. Also, ask whether this is a routine inspection or due to a customer complaint. Train your employees to ask for credentials as well.

Sign the Inspection Report: This does not mean you agree with the findings; it only confirms that you have received a copy of the inspection report. You can appeal the findings if you believe the violations are in error.


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